It takes hundreds of people to design, build, launch, and operate a robust satellite observatory that can withstand the rigors of space and provide reliable, well-calibrated scientific data. Science and engineering leadership and collaboration within the Landsat 9 organization is key to the success of the mission.
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Project Science Office
Project Office
Jeff Masek

Project Scientist
Bruce Cook

Deputy Project Scientist
Phil Dabney

Instrument Scientist
Del Jenstrom

Project Manager
Steven Pszcolka

Deputy Project Manager
Lorrie Eakin

Deputy Project Manager— Resources
Sarah McIntire

Project Support Specialist
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NASA Headquarters Program Executive
Brian Sauer photo

USGS Landsat 9 Project Manager
Maureen Bartholomew

Landsat 9 Mission Integration Lead
Evan Webb

Mission Systems Manager & Technical Authority
Syed Aziz

Chief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer
Pam Carrick

Project Support Manager
Ben Hall

Financial Manager
Ginger Butcher

Communications and Public Engagement
John Satrom

Launch Vehicle Interface Manager
Vicki Dulski

Observatory Manager
Steven Pszcolka

OLI-2 Instrument Manager
Jason Hair

TIRS-2 Instrument Project Manager
updated June 2020


“With a launch in mid 2021, Landsat 9 will propel the program into the next half-century of global observations. That’s the hallmark of Landsat: the longer the satellites view the Earth, the more phenomena you can observe and understand.”
– Jeff Masek