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“Demystifying Climate Change,” was co-presented at the 2008 National Association of Interpreters National Workshop by Landsat Education and Outreach lead Anita Davis, together with Interpretive Specialist John Morris, of the National Park Service’s Alaska Region Office, and Frank Niepold, Climate Change Education Coordinator at NOAA’s Climate Program Office. Twenty-minutes before the talk began the room was already full, so a quick swap was made to a larger room, and the session went on. Each presenter provided Climate Change information from their respective agencies, including many resources available on a variety of websites. The presentation also highlighted the “Earth to Sky” partnership between NASA and NPS Interpretation begun in 2004, that is expanding to include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A series of Earth to Sky workshops, funded by NASA, have brought science content and educational resources into the hands of informal educators throughout the National Park system. The next two Earth to Sky workshops will focus on interpreting global climate change, and will include participants from several Federal and State agencies.