(external link) Michigan State University’s supports the purchasing, distribution, and sharing of Landsat 7 imagery worldwide by providing a simplified, platform-independent user interface and search engine with online data ordering. supports research centers, science teams, and educational organizations by providing customized search interfaces, access to data hosting services, clearinghouse services, data brokering, and imagery cooperatives. Use this web site to access archived imagery at substantial discounts or use their brokering services to order new ETM+ data.

Arizona Regional Image Archive (external link) The University of Arizona sponsors this interdisciplinary resource system for digital image and map data. The archive focuses on the Sonoran desert region, including the US Southwest and northern Mexico. There is Landsat 7 ETM+ data available here, however, most of the Landsat scenes are older MSS and TM images.

GeoGratis (external link) Natural Resources Canada offers free Canadian Landsat data at their GeoGratis web site. This includes both georectified and orthorectified data.

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