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Videos Listen and see… stories about Landsat. Aug 20, 2018 • Landsat Sees 30 Years of Yellowstone Recovery from 1988 Fires A combination of lightning, drought and human activity caused fires to scorch more than one-third of Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 1988. Posted in Fire, Forest Management, News, Video Jul 26, 2018 • USGS Landsat Video: The Progress of Landsat Sensor Technology Landsat sensor technology has come a long way since the days of the Return Beam Vidicon cameras on the first three Landsat satellites. Posted in Data, News, Video Jul 18, 2018 • USGS, NASA Officials Cut Ribbon on New Landsat 7 Flight Operations Center A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Landsat 7 Mission Operations Center (MOC) at the Goddard Space Flight Center was held this month. Posted in News, Video Jul 11, 2018 • Avalanches Becoming More Frequent and Powerful in Alaska, Landsat Shows As global temperatures rise, melting permafrost is expected to cause more frequent and hazardous landslides. Posted in Carbon and Climate, Disasters, News, Science Brief, Video Apr 27, 2018 • Watching A Quarter Century of North American Forest Dynamics with Landsat Annual maps of the lower-48 United States produced from Landsat satellite data illustrate how these dynamic systems changed from 1986-2010. Posted in Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Forest Management, News, Video More Videos Podcasts Jan 12, 2018 • Landsat Science Team Co-chair Talks to SDPB Radio Tom Loveland spoke with reporter Cara Hetland from South Dakota Public Broadcasting about his role as co-chair … Continue reading Dakota Midday Learns about Landsat