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Do you have a favorite beach? Have you ever gone snorkeling or boating? Landsat helps map and monitor those coastal waters and shores.
Landsat has helped us better understand coastal regions around the world for nearly 50 years. Now, Landsat 9 is ready to carry on that record, chronicling our home planet.
Travel to Cape Cod and watch 36 years of this ever changing coastline.
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Did You Know?
Did you know that Landsat 8 passes over your favorite beach every 16 days?
+ Landsat goes to the beach
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At the Water's Edge
Discover how Landsat helps map and monitor beaches and coastal waters.
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Landsat 3
Designed for one year
          of service, Landsat 3
             operated for a bit over
            5 years—and that was
         the shortest service of
      any Landsat satellite.
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Dr. Beach’s Top 10 Beaches of 2021
For over 30 years, Dr. Beach has created a Top 10 Beach list based on criteria including water color, sand softness, wave size, water temperature, and more.

What’s your favorite beach?
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Try This!
What do you like to do for Summer Fun? Download this Fortune Teller and find out how Landsat helps.
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Play the Lands of Landsat game and discover how Landsat helps study farms, cities, parks, forests, and islands.
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Get Crafty!
Create your own Landsat inspired craft and share with #LandsatCraft.
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Credit: Kate Ramsayer/NASA
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Credit: Cecilia Ho/FELTastic Fashion
Postcard from Camp
Collect all nine postcards from Camp Landsat! Week 3: Beaches & Reefs!
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Barrier Islands: Sands & Lands
in Motion
Explore the shore with EO Kids’ Barrier Islands: Sands & Lands in Motion. Learn about Earth’s changing shorelines, especially barrier islands.
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