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Are you exploring any cities this summer? Rain or shine, urban planners use Landsat to take stock of city growth and its environmental impact.
More than half of Earth’s 7.8 billion people dwell in cities. From measuring land surface temperatures to mapping impervious surfaces and green infrastructure, Landsat helps urban planners manage the impacts of rising temperatures and extreme weather events on cities.
Watch this 36 year timelapse of urban expansion in Doha, Qatar.
satellite image of Doha, Qatar
Did You Know?
Cities are hotter than surrounding areas. Landsat can show you why.
+ Landsat & Urban Heat Islands
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Sizing up the City
Do you have a favorite summer resort town? Have you noticed it change over the years? Landsat has been imaging our planet for almost fifty years and recording the growth of cities and towns around the planet.
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Landsat 5
Earned a Guinness World
Record for the longest-
operating Earth-observing
satellite, Landsat 5 operated
for 28 years and 10 months!
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Try This!
Scientists use image classification to study how cities grow over time. Try it yourself!
Image Classification image
Be a data detective and solve the mystery of the islands on the land.
Data Detective pdf
Maker Corner
Plant covered "Green Roofs" can cool down a city.
Green birdhouse
Postcard from Camp
Collect all nine postcards from Camp Landsat continuing with Week 5: Cities & Suburbs
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Urban Heat Islands: Hot Times in the City
Discover how NASA scientists can help city planners turn down the heat.
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