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Fires, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis—when disaster strikes, knowing the lay of the land is crucial for a prepared response; Landsat is there to help.
Many of the rugged, beautiful places that beckon us to visit have been shaped by disasters like fires, floods, landslides, and eruptions. Landsat gives us both historic perspective and a wideview look at disaster aftermath, allowing us to navigate what comes next by knowing what came before.
"From Ash to Forest"
Watch forests regrow on the moonscape of ash left by the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.
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Did You Know?
We can see the recovery of forest fires from space - even 30 years later.
+ Landsat & Recovery
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Dealing with Disasters
As landscapes change along with the climate, Landsat and other satellites are giving fire managers valuable information that helps protect people.
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Landsat Archive
While Landsat 6 failed at launch,
the archive of Landsat data continued
to grow. The USGS EROS Center manages
and makes Landsat data available for free.
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Try This!
Test your skills in this interactive and put various Landsat scenes in order.
+ Landsat’s 50-year View
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Calbuco Erupts! Make your own data visualization of volcanic ash and sulfur dioxide with this flipbook from EOKids.
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Get Crafty!
Create your own Landsat inspired craft and share with #LandsatCraft.
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Artistic view of 'Once-in-a-century' flood 2018 in Kerala. H block and D block area near Kainakari, Alappuzha Credit: Navaneeth Krishnan
These crochet hot pads were inspired by the 2018 eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano.
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Credit: Ellen Gray
Postcard from Camp
Collect all nine postcards from Camp Landsat continuing with Week 6: Fires & Floods. Volcanoes, floods, fires... Disasters can rewrite maps in an instant. Landsat is there to help. The front of this postcard features a false-color Landsat 8 image of flooding along the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee acquired on February 25, 2019.
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Landslides: Earth on the Move
Explore how NASA is using satellite data to find and prepare for potential landslides.
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