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Do you like birdwatching? Are you a citizen scientist?
Landsat has monitored ecosystems and biodiversity, tracked animal habitats, & studied how organisms in an ecosystem are connected and allows scientists to measure the health of plant species, making sure an ecosystem is properly balanced. This is key to the stability of organisms & the benefits they provide – both to wildlife & humans.
Bushfires in Australia’s Big Desert Wilderness Area have had large impacts on the ecosystem. Landsat can help scientists monitor the burn scar recovery from these fires.
satellite image of Bolivian deforestation
Did You Know?
Did you know you can help scientists who study land cover from space?
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Map for Conservation
What’s your favorite animal? Whether it’s turtles, elephants, or birds, Landsat is used to monitor the habitats of animals across the globe.
map for conservation
Landsat 9 2021
Landsat 9 will be launching
September 23rd at 11:11am PST
(2:11pm EST). Host a pre-launch party
this week and discover more about
the Landsat 9 satellite and the nearly
5 decades of Earth Observation.
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Try This!
Explore how scientists combine different band of Landsat data to study our planet with this Band Combination Interactive.
Introduction to Landsat band combinations
Landsat bee collage craft image
Follow Echo as he explores Arizona in search of his Mother. Landsat images of the five habitats Echo travels provides a backdrop for the adventure.
Adventure of Echo the Bat
Echo the Bat
Get Crafty!
Create your own Landsat inspired craft and share with #LandsatCraft.
Embroidery hoop entitled "69.33, -132.06" inspired by Landsat 7 image of Husky Lakes in northern Canada.
Landsat embroidery photo
Credit: Danielle Currie, Instagram @satellite_stitches
Fauna inspired collage using Landsat images.
Landsat Bee collage image
Credit: Ginger Butcher
Postcard from Camp
Collect all nine postcards from Camp Landsat starting with Week 9: Flora & Fauna! The front of this postcard features a natural-color image of Burma’s Mergui Archipelago, acquired December 14, 2004.
Ecosystems Postcard image
EO Kids explores plant health from satellite
Satellites like Landsat can measure infrared light to assess the health of plants that make up habitats essential to animals. Discover more about how Landsat measures plant health and learn more about Photosynthesis.
(Infra)Red Light Green Light
Infrared Light and Green Light
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