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Are you basking in the shade of a favorite tree? Landsat has helped us know how much of Earth is forest-covered and how that changes year-to-year.
We know how forests around the planet are changing thanks to Landsat. There are many new insights about global tree-cover that Landsat has given us. Landsat 9 is ready to keep that tradition going.
View the changing Amazon rainforest in Rondonia, Brazil.
satellite image of Rondonia deforestation
Did You Know?
Did you know that the Amazon is the largest tropical forest on Earth?
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These Trees
So many of our favorite summer spots are forest-covered. Around the world Landsat helps managers map forests to understand whether or not they are changing.
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Landsat 4
Landsat 4 launched in 1982. It was the
first civilian satellite to carry GPS
receivers and use them to calculate its
orbital position. It also started Landsat's
higher spatial resolution (30-meter)
data record.
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Try This!
Explore America with this board game and discover how Landsat sees our favorite places for summer vacation.
Exploring America game
Try your skills with these online Landsat puzzles.
Bolivia puzzle
Get Crafty!
Create your own Landsat inspired craft and share with #LandsatCraft.
Landsat printing photo
Landsat wood type used for letterpress printing. Credit: Sara Blumberg/NASA
Postcard from Camp
Collect all nine postcards from Camp Landsat! Week 4: Forests Forever!
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Greening Up Globally: Forests and Farms
Find out how Earth is greening up from forests and farms and how NASA can see our greener Earth from space.
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