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Do you like rock climbing or river rafting? From volcanoes to meandering rivers, Landsat shows us how our planet's landscapes are reshaped.
Our dynamic planet is constantly being reshaped by natural (and manmade) forces. Landsat shows where and how, and sometimes even helps us figure out why.
Watch the Ucayali River meander around the city of Pucallpa in Peru.
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Did You Know?
Stegosaurus image
Did you know that Landsat imagery has helped paleontologists find dinosaur fossils?
Why Satellites Rock
Find out how Landsat helps scientists study volcanoes, find fault lines, track rivers, and even find fossils.
Landsat 1
Landsat 1’s data led to
many new discoveries
about our planet
like an uncharted
island later named
Landsat Island.
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Try This!


Create a flipbook and watch the Ucayali River as it meanders through the Peruvian landscape.
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Collect raw materials and manufacture products to earn points. But be sure to avoid any natural disasters.
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Get Crafty!
Create your own Landsat inspired craft and share with #LandsatCraft
painting inspired by Landsat imagery of Bombetoka Bay
image of Bombetoka Bay
The Bombetoka Bay in Madagascar, where the freshwater outflow of the Betsiboka River mixes with the salty waters of the Mozambique Channel, was inspiration for this painting. Credit: Zhuang-Fang NaNa Yi
Postcard from Camp
Collect all nine postcards from Camp Landsat starting with Week 1: Rocks and Rivers!
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Find out how scientists see different rock types with the help of satellites and solve the mystery of how rock layers move to make cool rock formations.   
Hide and Seek Sandstone: Geology by Satellite
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