Lands of Landsat: 2017 Earth Science Week Poster

NASA, AmericaView, and USGS have created a fun and educational new poster to celebrate Earth Science Week 2017. The poster offers a Landsat mosaic of the United States on its front and a board game to explore the many ways Landsat helps us study our planet.

The Legacy of Landsat

The Landsat Program is a central pillar of our national remote sensing capability and represents the world’s longest continuous remotely sensed record of the Earth’s surface.

As a joint initiative between NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the first Landsat satellite (originally ERTS-1) was developed and launched in July 1972. Landsat satellites have provided uninterrupted space-based data of the Earth’s surface for more than 45 years and have established the United States as a world leader in land remote sensing. The data collected by Landsat satellites support government, commercial, industrial, civilian, military, and educational applications throughout the United States and worldwide.

This Landsat 8 mosaic of the U.S. was created by Descartes Labs ( in 2017 and used with permission.

Lands of Landsat Board Game

Travel along a timeline of Landsat satellites and discover how Landsat benefits society. Landsat allows scientists study forests and islands from space, helps farmers monitor water, and tracks changes in our planet’s landscape.

Download Poster  (127 Mb)
Download Game  (481 Mb)

Lands of Landsat front poster
Front of the 2017 ESW poster
Lands of Landsat back of poster
Back of the 2017 ESW poster