Make a Landsat GIF

In this activity we will make an animated GIF from a Landsat time series using LandTrendr. 

Finished GIF of Atchafalaya Bay
Finished GIF of Atchafalaya Bay

Step 1. Go to Earth Engine Apps

Earth Engine App


Step 2. Set the range of years and dates to animate over

year and date Earth Engine app


Step 3. Select an RGB/band display combination

Band combinations


Step 4. Set the desired animation frame rate


Step 5. Click 5 points to close a rectangle (go slow)

(may take a minute or two)


Step 6. Once rendered right click on the animation and and "save image as.." to download


Optional annotations:


Step 7. Record the width and centroid information


Step 8. Go to Snazzy EE-TS-GIF


Step 9. Follow the instructions to input the centroid, lat, long and upload the gif


Other tutorials for making animated GIFs with Landsat time series data:
+ Justin Braaten's Snazzy-EE-TS-GIF tutorial on GitHub
+ Qiusheng Wu's "Creating Landsat timelapse animations with animated text using Earth Engine" on Medium


Read More about LandTrendr:

+ OSU eMapR Lab

+ Sensing Forest Disturbance: Landsat Sees Insect Outbreaks From Space

+ Big Data Helps Scientists Dig Deeper


Want to share your creation with the world? Use the hashtags #Landsat and #EarthDayatHome on Twitter and post your completed Landsat GIF. Accompany your tweet with you favorite thing about our home planet!