Student projects from summer 2005:

Landcover classification specific to timber typing in the buffer zone of the Mission Range.

This student was looking for dominant species composition using both aerial photos and Landsat data. For a further analysis in specific areas of the buffer zone, a crown/species density count was also performed.

Fire Prediction modeling of the buffer zone area in the Mission Mountains.

This student examined NDVI values and mapped greenness across the area using MODIS, Landsat and AVHRR data. Other factors such as dryness and temperature were also used in selected areas of the buffer zone. The buffer zone of the Mission Range is considered a “tinder box” due to the lack of fire in the region, and the tribe is managing multiple ecological issues regarding fire management and logging.

Land-use mapping correlated with environmental contamination sites.

A Land-use map was created for the entire Flathead Reservation, using Landsat data in combination with aerial photos. This student investigated current land-use types, relating land-use patterns to environmental contamination sites on the reservation.