Helio-STELLA – Build Instructions

Build Instructions

Step 1 – Use a small sharp knife to cut the LED trace on the back of the AS7341 spectrometer module to disable the green LED on the front. (Fig. 1.)

Step 2 – Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to 8.5 x 11” or a little larger.

Step 3 – Apply glue stick to the back of the layout sheet, then stick the layout sheet to the cardboard.

Step 4 – Cut the two holes marked on the layout sheet, through the sheet and the cardboard.

Step 5 – Apply pieces of double sided foam mounting tape to the back (flat side) of the modules. Trim the excess.

Step 6 – Stick the modules to their corresponding locations on the layout sheet.

Step 7 – Connect the modules using the cables provided. The cables are built so they only connect in one orientation. Don’t force the connections. (Fig. 2.)

Step 8 – Slide the micro SD card into the slot on the back of the microcontroller.

Step 9 – Click the power button to turn the Helio-STELLA instrument on. If it’s already on, it’s helpful to turn it off, wait a second, and turn it on again.

Step 10 – The instrument should start up, showing the display screens in the boot cycle. See the operating instructions for more information on the screens.

Step 11 –  Cut the ping pong ball in half, leaving some tabs for taping it down. (Fig 3.)

Step 12 – Position the ping pong ball over the AS7341 spectral sensor, and tape it down at the edges or on the tabs. Don’t run tape over the surface of the ping pong ball, to keep the tape from affecting the light reaching the sensor.

Step 13 – Place the instrumentin direct sunlight. Leave it running throughout the eclipse! 


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Optional 3D Print Housing