STELLA-AQ – Build Instructions

Build Instructions

Secure the particulate sensor to its circuit board:
The particulate sensor is only connected the the circuit board by a single connector.

To keep the sensor from falling off after the instrument is assembled, place the sensor on
the board, and then secure it with one wrap of electrical tape, along the midline of the sensor, between the two off board connectors. Keep the fan exhaust and intake vent clear, so the sensor will function.

Particulate sensor

Lay out the components in the order that they will go onto the ruler base.

Cover the ruler base, from 4 to 12 inches, with sticky back loop face fastener, in a strip
or in multiple squares.

Flip the components over, and add hook face sticky back fastener to the middle rear of
each component. Keep the fastener clear of the SD card slot, so the adhesive doesn’t
interfere with inserting or ejecting the micro SD card.

STELLA-AQ velcro layout

Connect the cables.

The connectors are mechanically polarized, so you can’t plug them in the wrong way around. The side of the connector that shows a four bits of exposed metal should be oriented towards the circuit board on the component.

Qwiic Cable connect

Connect the cables as shown, connecting all the components in a “daisy-chain” fashion. You can tuck the wires into the space between components to neaten the wiring.

STELLA-AQ chip layout

Add 3 to 4 inches of loop face fastener to the back of the ruler. Add pieces of hook face fastener to the battery and the back of the power switch.

Attach the switch and battery, and wrap the power cables around the ruler before making the connections between the battery and switch, and between the switch and the microcontroller. Secure the battery with a single wrap of electrical tape. Once you
have assembled your STELLA-AQ, follow the programming instructions to get it working!

STELLA-AQ wrap up