STELLA-AQ – Parts Needed

Here is everything you need to create your own STELLA-AQ.

Parts to Purchase

IndexQuantityManufacturer PNDescriptionDigi-Key Part NumberUnit PriceLine Price
114382FEATHER STM32F405 EXPRESS1528-4382-ND39.9539.95
214741ADAFRUIT GRAYSCALE 1.5 128X128 O1528-4741-ND22.5022.50
315189STEMMA QT PCF8523 RTC1528-5189-ND4.954.95
412652SENSOR HUM/PRESS I2C/SPI BME2801528-1359-ND14.9514.95
515187STEMMA QT SCD-40 CO2 HUMID TEMP1528-5187-ND44.9544.95
614632STEMMA QT PMSA003I AIR QUALITY1528-4632-ND44.9544.95
754210JST SH 4-PIN CABLE - QWIIC COMPA1528-4210-ND0.954.75
811781BATTERY LITHIUM 3.7V 2.2AH1528-1836-ND9.959.95
91380BATTERY LITHIUM 3V COIN 12.5MMSY033-ND0.820.82
1013064JST-PH2 EXT CBL 2PIN SWITCH 201528-1679-ND2.952.95
111524964MB MICRO SD MEMORY CARD1528-5249-ND3.503.50
1214199CABLE C PLUG TO C PLUG 3.28'1528-4199-ND9.959.95

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