Source: UNOSAT

flood waters south of Lake Urmia

This map illustrates the satellite-detected waters extent south of Lake Urmia (in the county of Mahabad in the West Azerbaijan province of Iran) as observed from the Landsat 8 image acquired on April 16, 2017. Within the area of 21,000 ha covered by this map, 2,970 ha of lands appear to be potentially affected. This corresponds to 13% of the analyzed area. The flooded areas appear to be mainly agricultural zones and about 8 km of roads seem to be potentially affected. Please note that some areas were cloud covered and could not be analyzed.

Apr 19, 2017 • The United Nations’s Operational Satellite Applications Program (UNOSAT) uses satellite data and geographic information systems to map natural hazards and other time-sensitive events in order to provide UN decision makers, along with aid agencies and member states, with high-quality, timely information about events on the ground. The group’s mission is “to deliver integrated satellite-based solutions for human security, peace and socio-economic development.”

The map featured above is a Landsat 8-based map showing regions south of Iran’s Lake Urmia that have been effected by recent flooding.

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+ Satellite Detected Water Extent South of Urmia Lake, Islamic Republic of Iran