LandsatLook images are full-resolution JPEG files that are now included as options when downloading Landsat data from EarthExplorer or Glovis. Three products are available, and are useful for image selection and visual interpretation.

The available full-resolution products include a “pseudo-natural color” composite image that uses Landsat bands 5, 4, and 3 (2,4,1 for MSS data); a thermal image featuring band 6 (TM and ETM+ data only). And a bundle which includes both of the previously described JPEGs as well as geographic information that allows the JPEG data to be imported into a GIS or image processing software package.

To download the images on Glovis, select the image that you want, use the “Add” button to put the image on your image “list,”then use the “Send to Cart” button to proceed to the Download page (you’ll need to login first). Click on the small green arrow (the download icon) and then select which download product you’d like on the next page; on the next pop-up click “Download” to begin your download.

More Information:
LandsatLook Images, USGS Landsat Mission website