Since 1972, Landsat satellites have orbited Earth, sending back millions of images of our changing planet. Have fun at home learning more about the Landsat mission and our home planet with hands-on activities, interactives, and animations. Landsat Outreach offers a wide range of resources, including Landsat images, animations, K-14 classroom exercises, data tutorials, fact sheets, and more.

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Camp Landsat

Join us for nine weeks of summer camp fun. This virtual camp explores a new theme each week about how Landsat satellites help manage, protect, and preserve some of your favorite places on Earth. Your virtual camp counselors have curated an exciting collection of videos, interactives, and downloadable activities you can do at home or with friends of all ages.

Landsat at Home

Landsat at Home is a collection of virtual activities for parents and kids of any age to enjoy. Download Landsat virtual meeting backgrounds and coloring pages, learn how to make an animated GIF of your favorite Landsat scene, and even test your skills by putting various Landsat scenes in order.

Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Download a variety of backgrounds for your virtual meetings and explore the different locations Landsat allows us to study like crop fields in Kansas, meandering rivers in Utah, and coral reefs in Fiji. You can also show off the Landsat 9 spacecraft as it flies over Earth.


By studying Landsat images over time, researchers can determine the impact of human endeavors on Earth’s landscape. Contrasting historical maps with satellite images allows us to explore our changing worldview and the advances in technology that help us map the world.

Posters and Games

Do you want to bring Landsat to a variety of audiences? If you represent a museum, library, visitors center or other institution you may be interested in hosting the Landsat Traveling Exhibit. If you are an interpreter or interested in bringing Landsat data to outdoor spaces like parks, refuges, or other public lands, then Earth to Sky may have everything you need. If Engineering is your focus, check out Engineering a Satellite.


Landsat images are more than snapshots from space. Scientists, farmers, and historians are only some of the people who use Landsat data in their careers, but many people benefit from the information that Landsat reveals about our planet. These resources can be used to showcase some of the important work that Landsat makes possible.

Camp Landsat

If you are a K-14 teacher or formal educator, here you can find Landsat images and resources to help you teach about our changing Earth, the electromagnetic spectrum, the science and technology behind satellite data, and much more. Using Landsat data and imagery as a basis, students can explore the water cycle, the carbon cycle, urbanization, deforestation, biological diversity, invasive species, fire, and more. National science, mathematics, and geography standards are explicitly addressed in the educational activities available from this page.