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Helicopter doing field work in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve

Oct 22, 2020Satellite Data Meets Cellular DNA for Species of Interest

Scientists are combining data from water samples containing fish DNA with satellite data to find native fish and identify their habitats.

Methodology graphic for Global Human Settlement Layer

Oct 7, 2020Landsat: Buttressing Knowledge about This Planet

A number of new data products with information derived from Landsat inputs have become available recently.

Tule sign in a vineyard

Oct 7, 2020Satellite Imagery Helps Farmers Cut Water Use in Half

A young start-up is using satellite data to give California farmers better information about water, which can translate into water savings or bigger yield for the same input.

reindeer and caribou in the arctic

Sep 22, 2020Warming Temperatures are Driving Arctic Greening

Using satellite images to track global tundra ecosystems over decades, a new study found the region has become greener, as warmer air and soil temperatures lead to increased plant growth.


Sep 21, 2020Mapping Twenty Years of Historical US Midwestern Corn and Soybean Information with Landsat

A new data set uses Landsat data to extend the Crop Data Layer back in time.

Nevada farmer Denise Moyle

Sep 15, 2020Transforming Water Management in the U.S. West with Satellite Data

A new web-based platform called OpenET will soon be putting satellite data in the hands of farmers, water managers and conservation groups to accelerate improvements and innovations in water management.

Damage evolution in Amundsen Sea Embayment.

Sep 14, 2020Antarctica: Cracks in the Ice

Combined satellite imagery has afforded researchers a new, accurate picture of the rapid development of damage in the shear zones on the ice shelves of Pine Island and Thwaites.

Forests in Banff, Canada

Sep 9, 2020The Stuff of Trees:
Three-Decades of Forest Biomass Measured Across Canada

A new study reports a net increase of 5.38 petagrams of forest biomass between 1984 and 2016; carbon-wise, that is equivalent to a train of loaded coal cars long enough to wrap itself around Earth nearly 34 times.

Belize Barrier Reef

Sep 3, 2020Landsat Data Informs New Projects Exploring Connections Between the Environment and COVID-19

Satellite images are helping to reveal how COVID-19 lockdown measures are impacting food security, urban surface heat, water quality and aquatic ecosystems, and more in NASA-funded studies.

Lake Imja

Aug 31, 2020Global Survey Using Landsat Shows Dramatic Growth of Glacial Lakes

Using 30 years of Landsat data, researchers have found that the volume of glacial lakes worldwide has increased by about 50% since 1990.

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