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rocks and rivers title
week 1 rocks and rivers title

Do you like rock climbing or river rafting? From volcanoes to meandering rivers, Landsat shows us how our planet’s landscapes are reshaped.

farms and food
farms and food

Have you ever considered all the ingredients found in your s’more? Most everything we eat starts off at farm. Landsat helps farmers, too!

beach and reefs title
week 3 beach and reefs title

Do you have a favorite beach? Have you ever gone snorkeling or boating? Landsat helps map and monitor those coastal waters and shores.

forests logo
week 4 forests title

Are you basking in the shade of a favorite tree? Landsat has helped us know how much of Earth is forest-covered and how that changes year-to-year.

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week 5 cities and suburbs title

Hot in the city, cool in the country. Are you escaping from your urban heat island this summer?


fires and floods logo
week 6 fires and floods title

Volcanoes, floods, fire... disasters can rewrite maps in an instant; Landsat is there to help.

ice and climate logo
week 7 ice and climate title

Have you ever hiked-up to the snowline in summer? Find out how Landsat is revealing how climate change is impacting some of our favorite places on Earth.

health and wellness logo
week 8 health and wellness title

Planning any forest bathing this summer? Discover how scientists study the benefits of basking in green spaces from space.

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week 9 flora and fauna title

Do you like birdwatching? Are you a citizen scientist?

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Landsat data helps people manage, protect, and preserve some of your favorite places on the planet.

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