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Day: September 5, 2012

News Archive

LDCM Orbit Swaths

LDCM orbits 13 times each day, and covers the whole Earth in 16 days. thumbnail:

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Landsat 40th Live Shot

LDCM Project Scientist Jim Irons is interviewed on live TV. thumbnail:

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Dead Sea Salt Farming

View changes in the Dead Sea over 40 years as salt farms multiply. thumbnail: Sea 3-panel_gal.png

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From The Archives

A look back at the early years of Landsat. thumbnail:

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Best of "Earth As Art"

The Top 5 images from the USGS “Earth As Art” collection. thumbnail:

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Irrigation in Saudi Arabia

Even in the desert there is water, if you drill deep enough. thumbnail: As Sirhan compare_gal.png

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