Echo the Bat

Echo the Bat CoverAre you ready for an adventure? Follow the journey of a young bat named Echo as he makes his way from the high mountains of Arizona through cities and across deserts to find a bat cave to call home.

With beautiful artwork and Landsat satellite images of Arizona’s varied landscape, this interactive story will delight readers young and old. There are also teachable tidbits shared in the book’s back matter for interested parents and teachers.

Our home planet is a fascinating place, and we are all connected by Earth. For nearly 50 years, Landsat satellites have helped us record Earth’s changing land surfaces. Join Echo on his trek and you too can see what Landsat sees.

Download Echo the Bat PDF (96 Mb)

Download Echo the Bat Interactive PDF (56 Mb)

Echo the Bat StoryMap

This interactive StoryMap follows Echo the Bat as he flies through Arizona while recognizing shapes, patterns, textures, and colors on the ground below.