Earth Materials in Our Lives poster + game​

This year, Earth Science Week is held from October 11-17.

The 2020 Earth Science Week poster was created as a joint effort between NASA, AmericaView, and USGS and incorporates Landsat imagery to engage with and communicate to the public this year’s American Geological Institute (AGI) theme: “Earth Materials in Our Lives”.

Viewing Earth Materials from Space

The front of the poster highlights stunning Landsat imagery for six different sources of Earth materials: evaporation ponds, mines and quarries, water, rangelands, croplands, and forests.

Featured on the back of the poster is a game in which players travel around the board collecting raw Earth materials in order to manufacture products – all while interacting with Landsat imagery and trying to avoid natural disasters.

Poster Files (pdf):

Poster Front
Poster Back (game board)
Game Instructions

Spanish Version (pdf):
Poster Front
Poster Back (game board)
Game Instructions

Landsat 9

The poster also highlights Landsat 9, launching in 2021. Landsat 9 will continue the nearly 50-year Landsat data record, providing actionable information to resource managers and policy makers around the world.

Landsat 9 will record the condition of Earth’s ever-changing land surface, enabling scientists and others to monitor crops and algal blooms, assess deforestation and urban growth trends, and support disaster relief.

Additional Resources

AmericaView is a nationwide, university-based, and state- implemented consortium that advances the widespread use of remote-sensing data and technology through education, outreach, and workforce development for the public and private sectors.
+ USGS EROS Earth at Art
USGS Landsat
+ NASA Earth Observatory

Poster design by Allison Nussbaum and Ginger Butcher.

The Front of the 2020 Earth Science Week poster.
Front of the 2020 Earth Science Week poster
2020 ESW poster
Back of the 2020 Earth Science Week poster