Viewing Water from Space poster + game

Each year for a week in October, the American Geosciences Institute celebrates Earth Science Week by featuring a geoscience theme. The week’s focus this year, from October 10–16, will be our planet’s freshwater resources.

Throughout the week, learning resources and activities that explain why freshwater is a vital resource to be conserved and protected will be made available.

Rivers: Our National Water Resource

NASA, USGS, and AmericaView collaborate each year on the creation of the Earth Science week poster. The 2021 poster features five beautiful natural-color Landsat 8 images of US rivers meandering their way through the country’s varied landscape.

On the reverse side, you will find a new game called “Rivers: Our National Water Resource.” Try your hand at cleaning our nation’s waterways, winning points for finding ways to use natural vegetation to keep water clean, learning how water is used in different places and industries, and trying to avoid disaster!

Poster Files (pdf):

Poster Front
Poster Back (game board)
Game Instructions

Spanish version:

Poster Front
Poster Back (game board)
Game Instructions

You can also learn more about the Landsat 9 satellite mission, AmericaView, Earth Observation Day, and the USGS Water Science School.

Landsat 9

Did you know that Landsat 9 is launching this September? It will join Landsat 8 in orbit and together they will image our planet every 8 days.

Since 1972, a Landsat satellite has been circling above, collecting images of Earth. Landsat 9 will extend that invaluable data record well past the five-decade mark, allowing us to see how our planet has changed over the last half-century.

Additional Resources

AmericaView is a nationwide, university-based, and state- implemented consortium that advances the widespread use of remote-sensing data and technology through education, outreach, and workforce development for the public and private sectors.
+ USGS EROS Earth at Art
USGS Landsat
+ NASA Earth Observatory

Poster design by Allison Nussbaum and Ginger Butcher.

The front of the 2021 Earth Science Week poster.
The front of the 2021 Earth Science Week poster.
The back of the 2021 Earth Science Week poster.