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Landsat Science Team Meeting in D.C.

Landsat Science Team Meeting in D.C.

DOI building
U.S. Department of the Interior Building, Washington D.C. Photo credit: Kmf164
The Landsat Science Team met in Washington D.C. for a meeting on the future of the Landsat program.
Charged by the President to develop a plan for sustainable Landsat observations over the next twenty to twenty-five years, NASA and the USGS convened the “Landsat Science Team Workshop on Sustained Land Imaging Requirements” on January 7th and 8th at the North Penthouse of the Stewart Udall Department of the Interior Building.
As part of the meeting, Landsat Science Team Leader, Dr. Curtis Woodcock, along with his fellow USGS/NASA Landsat Science Team, provided guidance on a host of issues that involve defining “continuity” for future Landsat observations.
Information Source: Boston University “Earth & Environment”

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