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National Academies Studying an Operational Land Imaging Program

National Academies Studying an Operational Land Imaging Program

The U.S. Geological Survey has commissioned the National Academies Space Studies Board to explore the needs and opportunities of developing a space-based operational land imaging capability. In particular, the committee will examine the elements of a sustained space-based Land Imaging Program with a focus on the Department of Interior’s U.S. Geological Survey role in such a program.

The ad-hoc committee will provide recommendations for transitioning from single research-based NASA-led Landsat missions to sustained operational USGS-led Landsat missions, among other things.
The study began in September 2011 and is scheduled to be finished next year when the report is delivered in February 2013. A committee meeting is being held this week at the National Research Council’s Keck Center in Washington D.C. For more details on the scope of the study and the committee members, please visit the National Academies website.
Further information:
The National Academies, Current Projects
The National Academies, Space Studies Board

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