New USGS Case Studies Highlight Female Landsat Data Users

March 29, 2021 • During the month of March, as we collectively celebrate Women History’s Month, we want to share a fantastic trio of user case study videos published by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Social scientists at the USGS Fort Collins Science Center together with the USGS National Land Imaging Program, published a series of videos featuring work done by female researchers using Earth observation data, specifically the Ladies of Landsat—a group dedicated to inspiring and supporting underrepresented people in the world of remote sensing science:

+ Download the “Earth Observation User Case Study: Ladies of Landsat” video from USGS


Africa Flores-Anderson, a remote sensing scientist with the SERVIR program:

+ Download the “Earth Observation User Case Study: Using Landsat to Connect Space to Village” video from USGS


And Jill Deines, a postdoctoral scholar at the  Center for Food Security and the Environment at Stanford University who works jointly with the NASA Harvest Consortium: 

+ Download the “Earth Observation Case Study: Landsat to Map Ag. Yields and Irrigation” video from USGS


Find more USGS User Case Study Videos here.