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USGS Landsat Project Update Available

USGS Landsat Project Update Available

The latest issue of the USGS Landsat Project Update is available on theUSGS Landsat website. The 2008, Volume 2 Special Edition Issue, includes the following articles:
+ Landsat 5: Exceeding expectations: Above and beyond the call of duty
+ Bolivian Deforestation
+ Growth in the Desert – Las Vegas
+ Keeping a Satellite Functioning for 25 Years…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
+ Belize, Central America
+ The Rocky Mountain Trench
+ Lake Eyre, Australia
+ Jayakwadi and Ujani Dams, India
+ The Fjords of Sogn og Fjordane – Norway
+ Yellowstone National Park – 1988 Fires
USGS Landsat Update, Volume 2 Special Edition Issue (PDF)

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