Formal Educators

If you are a K-14 teacher or formal educator, here you can find Landsat images and resources to help you teach about our changing Earth, the electromagnetic spectrum, the science and technology behind satellite data, and much more.

Landsat supports a fundamentally spatial approach to learning and thinking about the world. Spatial thinking is embedded in a multitude of disciplines, from natural resources management to disaster preparedness, disease epidemic prevention, and urban planning.

Using Landsat data and imagery as a basis, students can explore the water cycle, the carbon cycle, urbanization, deforestation, biological diversity, invasive species, fire, and more. National science, mathematics, and geography standards are explicitly addressed in the educational activities available from this page.

Resources for Formal Educators


Earth to Sky

Earth to Sky explores how National Park Service (NPS) and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) interpreters, educators, and scientists are using NASA content to help visitors connect with the natural and cultural heritage of our Nation. While Landsat observes Earth from beyond the sky, there are many things to be learned from being on the Earth. Earth to Sky bridges satellite data and ground observations to help form a better understanding of our planet. You can also learn more about the collaboration itself, and peruse the site for valuable resources.

Engineering the Future By Building on the Landsat Legacy: Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM). This presentation walks you through the process of building a satellite from defining the requirements to designing, building, testing, assembling, launching, and operating. Learn about the engineering challenges behind building a satellite, the new features of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission/Landsat 8, and meet some of the engineers behind LDCM!
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Explore NASA Wavelength, featured Landsat educational activities, and additional NASA education resources. NASA Wavelength is a digital collection of Earth and space science resources for educators of all levels that can be used in elementary schools through college classrooms.  Try some of our favorite activities, broken down by grade level in the featured section and if you still want more, check out the additional NASA education resources. Come explore Earth with NASA education!

These pages are specifically designed for students to browse or teachers to use as resources to explore the fundamentals of remote sensing, Landsat technology, Landsat’s benefit to people, and careers that use Landsat technology.