Landsat Change Over Time poster

Front of 2016 Earth Science Week poster
Front of 2016 Earth Science Week poster

NASA and America View have teamed up to create the 2016 Earth Science Week Poster: Change Over Time. This poster highlights observable change in ten locations around the globe. The back of the poster describes the Landsat program and the value Landsat data to our national geoheritage. Images from the poster can be used in a matching games to discover types of land cover change. This activity was developed in collaboration with AmericaView – a nationwide, university-based, and state-implemented consortium advancing the widespread use of remote-sensing data.

Poster Files (pdf):

+ Poster Front
+ Poster Back
Additional Earth Shot image pairs to print and use with activity

Additional Resources

AmericaView is a nationwide, university-based, and state- implemented consortium that advances the widespread use of remote-sensing data and technology through education, outreach, and workforce development for the public and private sectors.
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