Landsat: Sustainability of a Mission poster

Every year, the American Geosciences Institute celebrates Earth Science Week by highlighting a geoscience theme. This year, from October October 9 – 15, the focus is on sustainability.

Landsat: Sustainability of a Mission

NASA and AmericaView teamed up again to create the 2022 Earth Science Week poster. The front of the poster features natural and false-color images acquired by six different Landsat satellites going back to the 1970s — emphasizing the lasting impact Landsat has had on earth science for 50 years.

The back of the poster features a timeline of the Landsat program’s history as well as playing cards showing change over time.

You can also learn more about the Landsat 9 satellite mission, AmericaView, and Earth Observation Day.

Poster Files (pdf):

+ Poster Front
+ Poster Back
+ Playing Cards

Spanish Version:
+ Poster Front
+ Poster Back

50 Years of Landsat

Since its launch on July 23, 1972, the Landsat series of satellites has allowed scientists and researchers to explore Earth from space like never before and investigate how our planet has changed over time.

Learn more about how Landsat’s five decade-long data record has shaped how we study our home planet in A Planetary Sage: Landsat at 50.

Additional Resources

AmericaView is a nationwide, university-based, and state- implemented consortium that advances the widespread use of remote-sensing data and technology through education, outreach, and workforce development for the public and private sectors.
+ USGS EROS Earth at Art
USGS Landsat
+ NASA Earth Observatory

Poster design by Allison Nussbaum and Ginger Butcher.

Front of 2022 ESW poster
The front of the 2022 Earth Science Week poster.