Landsat Science Updates

Moore and Surui chief
Jan 28, 2015 Wrangling a Petabyte of Data to Better View the Earth

[By Jenny Woodman, Earthzine] When viewed from space, clouds largely obscure the Earth. It isn’t a matter of time of day, angle or distance. It’s just the way it is – unless, of course, you are gazing at the planet using Google Earth. The story [...]

USGS Landsat 8 TIRS Update
Jan 27, 2015 USGS Landsat 8 TIRS Update

[Source: USGS Landsat] Landsat 8 continues to acquire OLI and TIRS data, although TIRS Level-1 processing remains suspended. On December 19 the TIRS instrument on Landsat 8 was reconfigured due to detection of anomalous current levels [...]

Turkana women gathering water
Jan 26, 2015 Water Mapping Technology Rebuilds Lives in Arid Regions

[Source: NASA Technology Transfer Program] Turkana County in northwest Kenya has been reeling from several years of crippling drought. As a consequence, the nomadic peoples in the region have suffered. Livestock such as goats and cattle, the [...]

Darrel Williams
Jan 21, 2015 The View from Over 2,000,000 Feet

The NASA Landsat 7 Project Scientist, Darrel Williams, was recently featured in the AgScience magazine of his alma mater. In an article titled “Oh! The Places We Go” reporter Maureen Harmon spoke to Penn State Ag Sciences graduates [...]

Landsat Seen as Stunning Return on Public Investment
Jan 15, 2015 Landsat Seen as Stunning Return on Public Investment

[By Jon Campbell, U.S. Geological Survey] Orbiting Earth more than 400 miles away in space, far from human view; recording repeated images of land around the globe for more than 42 years; offering customers petabytes of historical and current [...]

Landsat News

Dec 17, 2014 • NASA/USGS Satellite Sees Green-up Along Colorado River's Delta After Experimental Flow

A pulse of water released down the Colorado River's lower reaches produced about a 40 percent increase in green vegetation where the water flowed.

Sep 29, 2014 • NASA Ocean Data Shows ‘Climate Dance’ of Plankton

Satellite data shows how climate and ecosystem processes affect the growth cycles of tiny aquatic plants, important players in Earth’s carbon cycle.

Jul 2, 2014 • Taking NASA-USGS’s Landsat 8 to the Beach

Landsat 8 is helping researchers spot algae from space, gathering information that could direct beach-goers away from contaminated bays and shores.

Apr 21, 2014 • Environmental Watch with Landsat satellites

Landsat satellites have monitored Earth’s environment for more than four decades, providing detailed imagery of our planet

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