Landsat Science Updates

A Triptych of Urban Growth, NLCD 2001-2011
Apr 7, 2014 Nation’s Authoritative Land Cover Map New and Improved

[Source: USGS] Just released, the latest edition of the nation’s most comprehensive look at land-surface conditions from coast to coast shows the extent of land cover types from forests to urban areas. The National Land Cover Database (NLCD [...]

Earth Observing satellite constellation
Apr 2, 2014 Sustainable Land Imaging Architecture Study (Interim Status) Briefing Held

[Source: NASA Earth Science Projects Division] On April 1, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) hosted an event to present to the research and industrial community the interim results and assessments from NASA’s [...]

Susan Kohler
Apr 1, 2014 Upcoming Landsat Activity for Educators

What happens to the Mallard Duck population when prairie potholes disappear? On Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. EDT, Susan Kohler, a NASA Educator and Professional Development Specialist, will be presenting a free 60-minute webinar featuring [...]

A technician surveys the TIRS instrument and the calibration equipment
Mar 27, 2014 Upcoming Sustainable Land Imaging Architecture Study Interim Status Briefing

Science Projects Division   Event: NASA’s Sustainable Land Imaging Architecture Study Interim Status Report Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EDT Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 Location: NASA Headquarters James E. Webb Auditorium, 300 E [...]

R.H. Goddard
Mar 20, 2014 Landsat 8 Sweeps the 2013 “Goddards”

People. It takes a lot of people to build, launch, and operate a satellite, especially a satellite that regularly returns accurate scientific data. On February 11, 2013, Landsat 8 was successfully launched into orbit. Many of the people who [...]

Landsat News

Mar 20, 2014 • Tracking Urban Change and Flood Risk with Landsat

Landsat can help communities across the United States stay up-to-date on their flood risk.

Feb 26, 2014 • Landsat 8 Eyes Japan, GPM Launch Site

This Landsat 8 satellite image of some southern Japanese islands includes Tanegashima (far right), from where the Global Precipitation Measurement, or GPM, mission's Core Observatory is scheduled to blast into orbit aboard a Japanese H-IIA rocket. This image was taken on April 13, 2013. The GPM satellite is scheduled for launch during a window that opens at 3:07 a.m. in [...]

Feb 11, 2014 • NASA-USGS Landsat 8 Satellite Celebrates First Year of Success

The latest Landsat satellite continues the program's observations, dating back to 1972, of change across Earth's land surfaces.

Feb 11, 2014 • Landsat 8's First Year

On Feb. 11, 2013, the Landsat 8 satellite rocketed into a sunny California morning onboard a powerful Atlas V and began its life in orbit. In the year since launch, scientists have been working to understand the information the satellite has been sending back. Some have been calibrating the data—checking it against ground observations and matching it to the rest [...]

Dec 9, 2013 • NASA-USGS Landsat 8 Satellite Pinpoints Coldest Spots on Earth

On clear winter nights, a high ridge on the East Antarctic Plateau can see temperatures dip below minus 133.6 F.

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