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Amazing Earth: Satellite Images from 2021

Amazing Earth: Satellite Images from 2021

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From record-breaking heatwaves to pandemic-related events, Earth-observing satellites captured some compelling moments on our planet in 2021. A NASA Earth-curated image list showcases some of the beautiful and complex events that occurred on our planet in the past year, and demonstrates how Earth-observing technologies and missions provide valuable information to scientists, government agencies, and people around the world. 

(And… there’s a lot of Landsat!) 

2021 Landsat images
Some of the Landsat and Landsat-derived images featured in the Amazing Earth 2021 image recap.

Banner Image Caption: Some of the highest diurnal tides in the world—nearly 14 meters (46 feet)—have been recorded in the Sea of Okhotsk. In the Russian Far East, narrow bays funnel and amplify the incoming tides, making it a prime location for tidal power generation. The transition from smooth, laminar flow to mixed, turbulent flow is visible in this natural-color image of the western Sea of Okhotsk. The image of the Shantar Islands and Uda Bay was acquired on Sept. 24, 2021, by Landsat 8.

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