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Flooding in the UK

Flooding in the UK

River Thames flood map
A disaster response map showing flood extent on the River Thames using Landsat 8 data acquired on Jan. 7, 2014.
As part of the International Charter—Space and Major Disasters, a number of satellite-derived maps showing the extent of flooding across the UK have been released, including the above Landsat 8-derived map of flooding along the River Thames near Oxford.
Event Description: “Ongoing storms and heavy rain since 23 December 2013 has caused flooding across the United Kingdom. One person has been reported killed, and it is estimated that over 300 properties have been flooded so far. In England a number of major rivers are in the process of flooding, or are expected to do so over the next few days. Significant flooding is expected along the Thames, Severn, and Stour rivers. Due to the continuing rain, saturated ground is also contributing to flooding. Roads and train services have been disrupted by the flooding and turbulent conditions. The UK’s Environment Agency has issued over 200 flood alerts as of 06 January and more storms are forecast to bring further rain and coastal flooding along the south east and west of England over the coming days. Residents of areas affected by flooding are urged to take care and avoid coastal areas due to the risk of storm surges and high tides. It is estimated that over 200,000 properties have been protected by the existing flood defences, and further measures are being implemented in an attempt to stem further flooding.”
Further Details:
+ Flood in England, UK

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