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Landsat at the Fall 2014 AGU Meeting

Landsat at the Fall 2014 AGU Meeting

AGU logo At this year’s AGU Fall meeting over 300 presentations will feature research work done with the use of Landsat data. The Landsat-related papers and posters run the gamut of disciplines from cryosphere to biogeoscience to hydrology to global environmental change to natural hazards to informatics!
Visit the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting website for more details, including abstracts, and virtual options, and their FMBuzz news page.
A NASA/USGS Landsat press conference titled “After the pulse flow: Greening the Colorado River Delta” about the vegetation response to a pulse flow in the Lower Colorado river is scheduled for Wed, Dec. 17 at 2:30pm PST. Scientists will discuss the bi-national agreement between the U.S. and Mexico to send a pulse of water from the Colorado River to flood its delta in Mexico and the effect on surrounding vegetation.
+ Virtual options for watching AGU 2014 Fall Meeting Press Conferences live

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