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Landsat Science Team Co-chair Talks to SDPB Radio

Landsat Science Team Co-chair Talks to SDPB Radio

Tom Loveland
Dr. Tom Loveland. Photo credit: USGS
Dr. Tom Loveland, Chief Scientist at the USGS Earth Resource Observation and Science Center, spoke with reporter Cara Hetland from South Dakota Public Broadcasting about his role as co-chair of the Landsat Science Team and the team itself.
The new Landsat Science team was announced by USGS in mid-December. The team of 20 scientists and engineers will serve a five year term. They will provide input on Landsat challenges and next steps for the program.
One of the suggestions of a previous Landsat Science Team led to the hugely successful Landsat Global Archive Consolidation project which resulted in 4 million unique Landsat scenes collected by foreign ground stations (over the past four decades) being added to the USGS Landsat archive and made freely available for download.
Listen to the podcast:
+ Innovation: Thomas Loveland Update on Landsat Program, SDPB Radio
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