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A Cloud-Free Makeover of Google Maps Courtesy of Landsat 8

A Cloud-Free Makeover of Google Maps Courtesy of Landsat 8

NASA Shareable on Google Maps' Landsat update
The Google Maps Blog announced on June 26, 2016 that Google Maps and Google Earth have a new cloud-free mosaic based on Landsat 8 data. Using Google Earth Engine, the company sorted through a petabyte of Landsat 8 data to create their new mosaic.
The news was shared by many media outlets. Here are a few of those articles:
+ Google’s Satellite Map Gets a 700-Trillion-Pixel Makeover, The Atlantic
+ Google Earth and Maps updated with higher quality satellite imagery, DP Review
+ Google gets a fancy new look thanks to NASA satellite data, Mashable
+ Google Maps showing high quality imagery thanks to Landsat 8, Tech2
+ Vast improvements to Google Earth thanks to NASA help, Silicon Republic
+ NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite now allows sharper images on Google Earth, Your Story

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