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Damage evolution in Amundsen Sea Embayment as witnessed by satellites including NASA/USGS Landsat

Antarctica: Cracks in the Ice

Combined satellite imagery have afforded researchers a new, accurate picture of the rapid development of damage in the shear zones on the ice shelves of Pine Island and Thwaites.

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Virtually Tour Antarctica

NASA’s Science Visualization Studio released a narrated tour of Antarctica. This guided tour of the area surrounding McMurdo Station in Antarctica uses the Landsat Image

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Select Landsat Publications July 2024 Collins, L.; Guindon, L.; Lloyd, C.; Taylor, S. W.; White, S. Fractional Cover Mapping of Wildland-Urban Interface Fuels Using Landsat,

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Explore the Globe with NASA

Each year for a week in October, the American Geosciences Institute celebrates Earth Science Week by featuring a geoscience theme. This year, from October 8-14,

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