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Landsat Looks at Land Use Trends Around Mobile Bay

Landsat Looks at Land Use Trends Around Mobile Bay

A recent NASA Technical Report from Stennis Space Center has used Landsat data to document land use changes in Alabama’s Mobile Bay watershed between 1972 and 2008. Over those 36 years, researchers found a 55 percent increase in urban areas. The urban expansion mainly occurred in regions which were formerly covered by forest and agriculture. These results were incorporated into the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program’s “State of the Bay” report. They are also available to the public.
Report reference: 
Spruce, J., J.Ellis, J.Smoot, R.Swann, W.Graham (2009). A Landsat-based Assessment of Mobile Bay Land Use and Land Cover Change from 1974 to 2008. NASA Technical Report # SSTI-2220-0177.

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