Landsat at Home

Have fun with with these Landsat activities on your own or with your family!

Band Combo graphic

Band Combo

Learn about how Landsat Band combinations are composited to make an image with this interactive application!


Landsat Collage

Learn about Landsat and make a collage!

Change over time gif

Landsat GIF

Create your own animated GIF of a Landsat scene.

Change Over Time

Learn about Landsat and explore the way it sees the world with a video and interactive application.

Landsat Backgrounds

Landsat Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Selection of Landsat virtual meeting backgrounds in 1080p.

Decoder activity


Be a Landsat detective and use the letter decoder to find out what in the world you’re looking at in this Landsat 8 image.

Echo the Bat small

Echo the Bat

Follow Echo as he explores Arizona in search of his Mother.

L9 Coloring Page animation

L9 Coloring Pages

Color in the Landsat 9 Mission Logo.

Word Search animation

Word Search

Learn about Landsat and make a collage!

Flipbook animation


Create a flipbook and watch the Ucayali River as it meanders through the Peruvian landscape.

L9 Map Activity Thumbnail animated

Landsat on the Map

Match eight different Landsat images with their location on Earth.