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Allison Nussbaum gives a Hyperwall talk about Landsat’s free-and-open data policy and how it paved the way for data products including vegetation indices and evapotranspiration.

Landsat Outreach: Denver Edition

Landsat 2023 in Review: An image of the Landsat 9 satellite and a satellite image with the year "2023" written below it.

Landsat 2023 – A Year in Review

A delve into Landsat-based studies revealing the environmental impact of river mining, the decline in global lake water levels, and the risks of rising sea levels on coastal habitats. Plus, a sneak peek at what the future of the Landsat program holds with the introduction of Landsat Next.
Landsat 8 image of fall foliage near the Amur River along the Chinese-Russian border.

Leveraging the Synergistic Power of Landsat and GEDI Data to Support Sustainable Forest Management

By fusing multispectral Landsat data with forest structure products from the GEDI mission, researchers and scientists have unlocked a deeper understanding of complex forest processes and dynamics and empowered land managers and policymakers to manage forests with greater effectiveness and sustainability.
Landsat 9 image (December 16, 2023) of San Francisco and San Francisco Bay.

Advancing Landsat Science at AGU23

The 2023 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (AGU23) was held in San Francisco, California, from December 11-15. The Landsat program has repeatedly had a strong presence at AGU meetings and it occupied a prominent position among presenters at AGU23.
Earth in space with the words: Extra Dimensional: The Fusion of Landsat & GEDI superimposed on top.

ExtraDimensional—The Fusion of Landsat & GEDI

When Landsat's vast decades-long archive is combined with data from other instruments it can provide amazing insight into how our world is evolving with us and around us. Here are some of the ways Landsat and GEDI data are being harnessed to help us better understand the complex relationship between humanity and nature.
Wake Forest student holds a data notebook while on a boat showing water sample points.

Researchers Caution Use of Landsat’s Land-Specific Surface Reflectance Products for Long-Term Water Quality Studies

While floating algae, emergent aquatic vegetation, and historic surface scum can be tracked throughout the Landsat record, researchers warn data users that older Landsat sensors lack the precision needed to be used for water-column studies.
Photo of Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park

Shining a Light on Mesa Verde National Park: NASA Outreach During the “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse

On Saturday, October 14, 2023, regions of North, Central, and South America experienced an annular solar eclipse. Through the Earth to Sky Partnership, NASA coordinated with Mesa Verde National Park to host a series of outreach events.

The 50th Anniversary of the EROS Center: Honoring Five Decades of Innovation Through STEM Outreach Activities

The Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center celebrated its 50th anniversary in August. Learn more about the EROS Center, the anniversary celebration, and the Landsat-related outreach activities at the event—with a spotlight on STELLA, a DIY spectrometer.
Landsat Next Defined

Landsat Next Defined

Landsat Next is on the horizon—the new mission will not only ensure continuity of the longest space-based record of Earth’s land surface, it will fundamentally transform the breadth and depth of actionable information freely available to end users. Take a look at the new capabilities that will define the next Landsat mission.
National Philharmonic playing with NASA imagery of the Sun in the background.

Exploring the Cosmos Through Imagery and Music

Awe-inspiring NASA visuals combined with the might of a live symphonic orchestra last week in “Cosmic Cycles,” a multimedia collaboration among the agency’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, the National Philharmonic, and composer Henry Dehlinger. A transformative project showcasing the beauty and power of the marriage between music and science.