Host a Landsat 9 Pre-Launch Party

Landsat 9 logoLandsat 9 Launching this September!

Landsat 9 will be launching September 27th at 11:11am PST (2:11pm EST). Host a pre-launch party this week and discover more about the Landsat 9 satellite and the nearly five decades of Earth Observation.

The Landsat 9 satellite—a partnership between NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey— will continue the Landsat program’s critical role in monitoring, understanding and managing the land resources needed to sustain human life. Today’s increased rates of global land cover and land use change have profound consequences for weather and climate change, ecosystem function and services, carbon cycling and sequestration, resource management, the national and global economy, human health, and society. Landsat is the only U.S. satellite system designed and operated to repeatedly observe the global land surface at a moderate scale that shows both natural and human-induced change.

Host a Landsat 9 Pre-Launch Party with your Friends & Family

  • Plan to watch a Landsat Film Festival.
Landsat 9 rendering
A Landsat 9 rendering
Landsat 9 model
A Landsat 9 Paper model

Camp Landsat logo

    •   Camp Landsat   – This virtual camp explores about how Landsat satellites help manage, protect, and preserve some of your favorite places on Earth with exciting videos, interactives, and downloadable games and activities you can do at your party.
    • Landsat @ Home
  • Decorate your party! Browse these galleries and print out some of your favorite Landsat images to spruce up your space.
    • Earth as Art – Six collections of Art-inspired Landsat images.
    • Visible Earth – discover Landsat images of places you would like to visit or your favorite vacation destinations.
    • SVS Landsat Gallery – Decorate with images of the Landsat 9 satellite
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  •   Gather with friends and watch the Launch on Sept 27th  
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    • Live launch coverage will begin Monday, Sept. 27, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. EDT (10:30 a.m. PDT), on NASA Television, the NASA app and the agency’s website, with prelaunch and science briefings beginning Friday, Sept. 24.