Landsat 9 News

Jul 26, 2021Landsat 9 at Work

For five decades, we have relied on Landsat's high-quality, science-quality observations to understand and protect our home planet.

Jul 22, 2021History within the Mural

A mural celebrating Landsat's 50 year history is being painted in Lompoc, California.

Jul 19, 2021NASA Invites Media to Launch of Landsat 9 From the West Coast

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Jul 08, 2021Landsat 9 Arrives at Vandenberg Space Force Base in Preparation for Launch

The Landsat 9 satellite has arrived at the VSFB on the central coast of California.

Jul 01, 2021NASA Invites You to Create Landsat-Inspired Arts & Crafts

Get ready to do some Landsat-inspired crafting and art making as we get closer to Landsat 9's upcoming September launch.

Apr 09, 2021Landsat 9 Completes Test Simulating Harsh Space Environment

The Landsat 9 satellite has successfully completed its most strenuous environmental test leading up to launch.

Dec 23, 2020Landsat Featured on Recent NOVA Now Podcast

Landsat 9 Project Scientist Jeff Masek from NASA Goddard was interviewed for NOVA Now.

Dec 03, 2020Landsat 9—Continuing the Legacy

This new four-part video series shares the history of Landsat, how Landsat 9 works, how Landsat data gets from the satellite to the ground, and how Landsat data can be used with other data to support a wide range of research and applications. Enjoy!

Apr 03, 2020Landsat 9 Ground System and Mission Operation Plans Well on Track for Launch

Landsat 9 has successfully passed its Mission Operations Review.

Jan 09, 2020Landsat 9: The Pieces Come Together

Landsat 9’s two science instruments are now attached to the spacecraft.