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Trees and shrubs flourish along the Santa Ynez River

A Well-Rooted Study

Using Landsat to keep an eye on the trees offers an effective way to monitor groundwater along river corridors in the Southwest.

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Damage evolution in Amundsen Sea Embayment as witnessed by satellites including NASA/USGS Landsat

Antarctica: Cracks in the Ice

Combined satellite imagery have afforded researchers a new, accurate picture of the rapid development of damage in the shear zones on the ice shelves of Pine Island and Thwaites.

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Dr. Lagomasino (front, in hat) and students from Omar Bongo University

Meet Dr. David Lagomasino

Coastal ecosystems are some of Earth’s most biologically diverse environments, especially coastal mangrove forests. Dr. Lagomasino uses Earth observing data to study these vital biomes.

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Map of Lake George habitat

Space Key to Wetland Conservation

Wetlands worldwide are vanishing at an alarming rate. New satellite-informed maps produced by ESA’s GlobWetland Africa project show how satellite observations can be used for the effective use and management of wetlands in Africa.

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Riparian vegetation in Soldier Meadows

When a River Runs Through Drylands

There is a dance between the vegetation that thrives along a river’s edge and the availability of water; with Landsat, that relationship is now being understood in ways not previously possible.

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