STELLA-1.0 – Troubleshooting and Testing

Troubleshooting Steps

1Connect to computer
2Push power buttonWhite screen, green pulsing LEDNo reactionPush power button again. Check (+) and (-) to make sure they are not accidentally connected to each other. Replace cable to computer.
3Open Mu editor
4Open Serial dialogue in Mu
5Click in Serial, ctrl-cAdafruit CircuitPython 5.3.0 on 2020-04-29; Adafruit Feather M4 Express with samd51j19
6Click in Serial, output: 
Hello World!
7Double click reset buttonDrive listing on host computer becomes FEATHERBOOT:
8Copy file adafruit-circuitpython-feather_m4_express-en_US-7.2.5.uf2 to FEATHERBOOT driveFEATHERBOOT drive self-ejects, becomes CIRCUITPY drive.
9Reopen Serial on Mu. ctrl-cAdafruit CircuitPython 7.2.5 on 2022-04-06; Adafruit Feather M4 Express with samd51j19
10Copy folder lib to CIRCUITPY drive. If asked, replace existing folder.
11Serial, ctrl-dinitialized indicator, no other reactionWiring fault in LED circuitCheck A56-GND, A55-(+), LED case flat on underside of board, 100Ω resistor (+) to A60, LED - lead to B55, LED + lead to B60.
11Serial, ctrl-dinitialized indicator, blinking LEDindicator OK
11Copy test_codes, blink_indicator, code.pyNo reactionSerial in REPL mode.ctrl-d to resume
12Copy test_codes, display_screen, code.pyinitialized display, STELLA splash screen showing>>>, no display showingctrl-d to resume
13Copy test_codes, pushbutton, code.pyReady: push record/pause button to test it, pushing the button toggles between modes 0 and 1 no change of mode showing. Check pushbutton wiring, to (-) and to blue wire. Check capacitor installed with correct polarity.
14Copy test_codes, i2c_bus_scan, code.pyI2C addresses found: ['0x18', '0x49', '0x5a', '0x68', '0x77']Fewer than 5 addresses showing. Check wiring for the sensor whose address is not showing in the list. 0x18 -- AT Air Temperature - MCP9808
0x49 -- VIS 6 channel Spectrometer - AS7262
0x5a -- TIR Surface Temperature - Melexis MLX90614
0x68 -- clock: Real time clock - PCF8523
0x77 -- WX BME280 weather sensor
15Copy test_codes, WX_pressure_temperature_humidity, code.pyIf successful:
Temperature: 24.7 C
Humidity: 50.2 %
Pressure: 1011.9 hPa
Altitude = 11.02 meters
If unsuccessful:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 14, in
File "adafruit_bme280/", line 250, in humidity
File "adafruit_bme280/", line 118, in _read_temperature
File "adafruit_bme280/", line 150, in _get_status
File "adafruit_bme280/", line 301, in _read_byte
File "adafruit_bme280/", line 375, in _read_register
OSError: [Errno 5] Input/output error
Check wiring of WX = BME280 sensor.
16Copy test_codes,, AT_air_temperature, code.pyIf successful:
Temperature: 25.6875 C 78.2375 F

If unsuccessful:
[test circuit does not induce error] Check wiring of AT = MCP9808 sensor.
17Copy test_codes, VIS_spectrum, code.pyIf successful:
Bright white source LED will shine briefly. 
V:450nm: 15.9
B:500nm: 22.0
G:550nm: 25.1
Y:570nm: 23.9
O:600nm: 21.5
R:650nm: 18.7
If unsuccessful:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 10, in
File "", line 443, in __init__
File "adafruit_bus_device/", line 61, in __init__
File "adafruit_bus_device/", line 183, in __probe_for_device
ValueError: No I2C device at address: 0x49
Check wiring of VIS = AS7262 sensor.
18Copy test_codes, TIR_remote_temperature, code.pyIf successful: 
Object Temp: 24.29
If unsuccessful:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 15, in
File "", line 120, in object_temperature
File "", line 123, in _read_temp
File "", line 133, in _read_16
OSError: [Errno 5] Input/output error
Check wiring of TIR = MLX90614 sensor.
19Copy test_codes, NIR_spectrum, code.pyIf successful:
Bright white source LED will shine at a couple of different brightnesses. 
610nm: 12.8
680nm: 10.6
730nm: 19.5
760nm: 21.7
810nm: 18.0
860nm: 16.0
If unsuccessful:
[test circuit does not induce error] Check wiring of NIR = AS7263 sensor.
20Copy test_codes, real_time_clock, code.pyIf successful:
Clock battery voltage is OK.
The date is Tuesday 2085-5-19
the day of the month is 19
the month is 5
The time is 22:36:09
This reaction is the same whether or not there is a clock battery installed. If you haven't installed a clock battery already, please do so now. Then follow the instructions to set the clock to UTC.
21Copy test_codes, SD_card_write_read, code.pyIf successful:
Printing lines in file:
year month day batch checksum
Program Completed
If unsuccessful:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 19, in
File "", line 100, in __init__
File "", line 121, in _init_card
OSError: no SD card
Two possible causes for this error: 
1. No SD card installed. Install an SD card to correct this. 
2. Adalogger has not been modified to connect the SD_CS chip select line to pin 11. If the SD_CS line is still connected to pin 10, the software won't find the card, even if there is one installed. Modify the Adalogger card as in the build instructions to correct this.
22Copy code-and-libraries, to run the full STELLA code. If successful: 
Memory B: Used 136768 /Free 16640 begin infinite loop, mode == 0, and display will show data table.

Wiring Voltages

Using your digital multimeter on the DC voltage setting you can check for proper voltages by holding the common ground (COM) black probe to a ground connection and the voltage red probe to check for voltages.  

*Power on and screen removed

STELLA 1.0 Schematic

STELLA 1.0 Schematic