STELLA-Q2 – Parts Needed

Here is everything you need to create your own STELLA-Q2.

Parts to Purchase

LineQTYItemManufacturer PNManufacturerCost each ($)Line cost ($)
11Thing Plus RP2040DEV-17745SparkFun2020
21TRIAD spectral sensorSEN-15050SparkFun7070
31PCF8523 real time clock5189Adafruit55
41CR1220 battery for clock moduleCR1220widely available11
51128x32 OLED display4440Adafruit12.512.5
61i2c buttonBOB-16842SparkFun55
74qwiic cables, 100mm4210Adafruit14
81battery disconnect switch3064Adafruit33
91cylindrical battery, 2200mAh1781Adafruit1010
101USB C cableCAB-16905SparkFun55
111micro SD card5249Adafruit3.53.5
121micro SD card reader5212Adafruit77

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