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STELLA-2.0 – Build Instructions

Tools Required

  • Wire cutter
  • Wire stripper -- 26-22 AWG
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Soldering iron, with a soldering iron stand
  • Lead-free solder, SAC305 alloy: Sn (tin) 97%, Ag (silver) 3%, Cu (copper) 0.5%
  • Desoldering braid
  • Safety glasses
  • Soldering fume exhauster
  • Full size breadboard, for use as an assembly fixture
  • Computer: A computer running either Apple Macintosh or Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • 3D printer, fused filament type, 20 cm cube printing volume
  • Printer filament: black, white, blue
  • Ruler
  • Thin film double stick tape, for mounting the power button
  • Solder sucker: suction desoldering tool

Note: The 3D thermal sensor spacer and 3D Feather spacer should be printed before assembly.

Build Steps - Part 1 Wiring

Build Steps - Part 2 Header Pins

Build Steps - Part 3 Install Sensors

Build Steps - Part 4 Discretes

Build Steps - Part 5 Assemble Datalogger

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