STELLA-2.0 – Parts Needed

Here is everything you need to create your own STELLA 2.0 including print instructions for the 3D printed parts and elements that need to be purchased.

3D Parts Required for Handheld Spectrometer

STELLA 2.0 front cover

Housing Cover

Download .STL

thermal ir sensor spacer

Thermal IR Sensor Spacer

Download .STL & .STEP

STELLA 2.0 lower housing

Lower Housing

Download .STL

processor spacer

Processor Spacer

Download .STL

Non-Required 3D Parts for Handheld Spectrometer

helper spacer

Helper Spacer

Download .STL & .STEP

Parts to Purchase

LineItemQty$ Each ApproxPart NumberLink
1Protoboard, full size: Permaproto (pk 3)1$7590
2Header Pins: 6 segments at 16 places each
(pk 10 at 36 pins each)1$5392
3Sensor: air temperature: MCP98081$51782
4Sensor: visible spectrum AS72621$203779
5Sensor: near infrared spectrum: AS72631$28SEN-14351
6Sensor: thermal infrared surface temperature: MLX90614 at 35º FOV 
(alt part, more commonly available, has a 90º FOV)1$34MLX90614ESF-BCC-000-TU
7Switch, Pushbutton, tactile1$31119
8Switch: push on - push off1$2GPTS203211B
10LED, red (pk 25)1$4299
11Capacitor, 10uF 25V1$1many
12Data logging card: Adalogger Featherwing1$92922
13Headers, stacking, set for Feather, 16 places and 12 places, 1 each1$12830
14Microprocessor: Adafruit Feather nRF52840 Sense with Bluetooth1$404516
15Battery: 400mAh1$73898
16Battery: CR12201$1380
17Memory Card: micro SD, 8 GB, with adapter1$101294
18choose one: USB cable, micro b to A1$3592
19choose one: USB cable, micro b to C1$43878
20Optional: Connector1$1B3B-PH-K-S(LF)(SN)
21Optional: remote pushbutton switch1$84431
22Optional: remote switch cable1$14336
23Resistor 100Ω 0.1Wmany$12

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