STELLA-Q – Parts Needed

Here is everything you need to create your own STELLA-Q.

Parts to Purchase

ItemDescriptionQuantity$ Each ApproxVendor UsedPart Number
3mux 4 port1$4Adafruit Industries5664
45 port hub QT1$2.50Adafruit Industries5625
5microprocessor1$40Adafruit Industries4382
6real time clock1$5Adafruit Industries5189
7clock battery1$1Adafruit Industries380
8temp humid1$6Adafruit Industries4885
9neokey 4 switch board1$10Adafruit Industries4980
10switch pk101$7Adafruit Industries4955
11key caps pk 101$5Adafruit Industries5039 or 4956
12cylindrical battery1$10Adafruit Industries1781
13display, 4 digit 7 segment1$12.50Adafruit Industries5601
14Cables 100mm (need 8)8$1Adafruit Industries4210
15Power switch1$3Adafruit Industries3064
1664M microSD1$3.50Adafruit Industries5249
17CircuitScribe conductive ink pen1$8Amazon

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